Calming a Newborn Baby

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Specialising in Newborn photography has so many lovely moments, one of which is helping an unsettled baby to settle. Whilst some may think its ‘magic’ (it can seem that way sometimes) there are a few techniques which I thought I share with you today.

Bringing a baby home from hospital for the first time is such a giant moment, especially if its your first baby. I remember when I bought my son home from hospital, I was so excited to be leaving I hadn’t really thought about what lay ahead. I remember finally getting home, placing him on my bed and thinking “now what?”

Well that moment doesn’t last for long, they maybe little but their voices aren’t! We just haven’t learnt their language at that point, and learning their cries is no easy task! You’re tired, your body aches, your hormones are all over the place and you’re so in love with this tiny little person all you want in the world is to make them happy and safe – and then they cry 🙁

You’ve checked the basics, they’re clean, they’re fed, they aren’t sick, and still they cry (and you might too) So here are some of tips I’ve learnt in my career in newborn photography.

Happily sleeping
  1. This is the most important tip, it may seem easy, it’s not! DO NOT PANIC, DO NOT STRESS! Your baby knows your heart beat, they know your emotions, if you get upset, they will get upset. Take a deep breathe and relax, maybe put some of your favourite music on, think about your favourite place, but relax.
  2. Wind is the number one cause of baby crying, are their little legs going crazy is a sign of this, perhaps you’ve tried to give them a little food and they are fussing so much they won’t take it. Try your favourite winding position first, if it doesn’t work try moving them. I find walking with them resting on my shoulder whilst tapping and rubbing their backs is a good one. Change their position, keep changing it until they can get comfy. (and don’t stress!)
  3. So, they’ve burped and they are still crying, don’t worry, I have more solutions 🙂 Have you ever been in an discussion and got so carried away with it you can’t remember what the initial thought was about? Crying is a bit like this, they started for reason, you’ve fixed the reason, but now they are a so upset they can’t remember why so keep on crying. You need to break the cycle, cause a distraction, a loud constant noise is often the best solution. I have a metal sink in the newborn photography studio and luckily very strong water pressure, switching the tap quickly on full makes a very loud noise and stops 95% of baby tears. Don’t just turn it off though, let it run for a few minutes so they can calm down and gradually turn it off. No loud sink? A hover, hairdryer, even the radio switched to static works just as well, just make sure it’s a sudden and continuous noise.
  4. They are now calm but you can tell still a bit touchy, don’t rush this step, they will be tired from all those tears so you want to put them to sleep now, keep them in your arms, I find having their heads rest on my chest and gently humming works brilliant, they can hear your heart beat and the vibrations from your hum is very soothing. Does your baby like to be stroked or tapped? I start every newborn photography session with a very simple set up which is when I get to know your baby and figure out what they like. Some love their foreheads stroked whilst they gentle drift off to sleep, others like their bums gently tapped whilst being rocked, others like to gaze out the window, they are all wonderfully different and there is no single answer, enjoy figuring them out 🙂
  5. Finally – dummies….this is a controversial one, some babies get nothing from them, others get a lot of comfort from sucking. I love dummies, I believe in happy baby = happy parents but I appreciate this isn’t for everyone. Dummies have different teats and babies will have a definite preference – the one I find most love is the Soothie Dummy by Avent. If you gently tap the base of the dummy once its in their mouth it encourages them to suck.
Soothie Dummy

So in summary

  1. Eliminate the basics
  2. Stay calm
  3. Try to burp them
  4. Distraction
  5. Soothe them
  6. Try a Dummy

I hope at this point you’ll have a calm, sleeping baby. My last tip is to enjoy it, the washing can wait, they house will still be messy in half and hour. Sit down and enjoy the moment, cuddle your baby, take a break and enjoy them in your arms, put your feet up and enjoy a TV break while you cuddle (Life in Pieces is really funny and great to dive into if you haven’t seen it before) Trust me, with a now 9 year old child who is nearly the same size as me, these moments go so fast so take the time to enjoy them. They are all so very different and unique, what works for one baby may not work for another, enjoy getting to know your child and everything that makes them so special.

Skin to skin, head to heart, try gently humming

Beautiful Newborn Photography in Surrey

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Just a little sneak peek of the cutest, sleepiest who came to visit my studio today. Loved every second of todays shoot <3

Newborn Mini Sessions

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Newborn Mini Sessions – £325

Bright Apple Photography will now be offering newborn mini sessions! This is a new addition for 2017 and perfect for those who only want a short session with a few images. On a budget, but really want those special shots of your little one? The mini session is ideal. The session lasts 1 hour maximum and within that time I go through a few poses with your newborn. Since it’s a short session, and baby runs the show, so no matter if baby is awake or asleep, we will roll with the punches and get some great shots.

• 1 hour session

• 8 high resolution digital images delivered via download (I will choose the best images)

• Rights to reprint

• Cost of session is £325 for everything, no session fees, no packages to buy afterwards

• Baby must be under 3 weeks of age (or 8lbs if premature)

Newborn Mini’s requires 50% of the Newborn Mini fee be paid in advance as a retainer fee to reserve your spot for the month.  The remainder balance will be due when appointment time is scheduled and confirmed.  

What is the difference between mini session and a full newborn session?

• Main difference is time spent on creating photos. My full newborn sessions aren’t timed, we take time for feeding extra cuddles, getting baby into that lovely deep sleep and doing many set ups and poses. Mini session last strictly one hour to get as many images as we can.

• In full sessions we experiment with different set up’s, use many different props, perhaps even use special props you bring from home. Mini sessions are geared towards getting key images.

• If your little one is awake we do awake portraits, if sleepy then we will do more posed sleepy images. During full sessions you would have both types of images included.

• Full sessions can include siblings, parents and grandparents, mini sessions are for baby only.

  • Mini sessions you receive 8, fully edited, images choosen by me. In full sessions galleries are 40-50 fully edited images for you to make your own selection from (or simply buy them all!)

And, of course, the most asked question…”Why are newborn mini’s so much cheaper than full sessions?” A full newborn session takes approx 12 solid hours of my time, a mini takes approx 4 hours – its as simple as that!


Example of boys newborn mini session

Example of girls newborn mini session

Beautiful Newborn Photography

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So loved all my cuddles today, best little model – she had a few strong views on some of my poses but we compromised  and got some stunning shots 

Sarah and Neil’s Wedding – Kingston upon Thames

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What a lovely wedding I have to share with you all today.

Sarah and Neil were married on the 20th of May at the Antoinette hotel in Kingston and I was so lucky to be asked to record their special day. I sharing just a few of my favourite parts and why I genuinely think I have the best job in the world!

Firstly those little details, as guests we often attend weddings, and think oooh how lovely, as a photographer I get to see all the small parts that come together to get that oooh reaction, years in the planning and so worth it. I always make the effort to record these special elements so they can be remembered forever.

Sarah and Neil Blog02 Sarah and Neil Blog03

Not an obvious thing but I LOVE wedding prep, the nerves, the excitement…

Sarah and Neil Blog04

The emotions

Sarah and Neil Blog05

The care and attention taken to make the day perfect.

Sarah and Neil Blog06

The nervous smiles before it all starts

Sarah and Neil Blog07

Thats special mum and daughter photo which I know will be shared amongst their family for years to come.

Sarah and Neil Blog08

The proudest Grandad

Sarah and Neil Blog09

The rings before they become the symbol of Sarah and Neil’s union

Sarah and Neil Blog10

Boys time!

Sarah and Neil Blog11

And this, this is why I feel so lucky, I get to stand in front of the bride a groom, I get to see the pride on Dad’s face, I get to record that moment of pure joy! (told you I had the best job in the world)

Sarah and Neil Blog12

I get to witness that look of pure love

Sarah and Neil Blog13

I get to see how proud their son is all ready for his big moment as ring bearer

Sarah and Neil Blog14

And I get to record the sincerity in the promises given in marriage.

Sarah and Neil Blog15

I see the tears of joy from the daughter who has help her mum so much of the past year with the planning and preparation

Sarah and Neil Blog16

There are the official parts of course.

Sarah and Neil Blog17

And then there’s their youngest son who is too excited to wait to the end of the service and has to go give his parents the biggest cuddle.

Sarah and Neil Blog18 Sarah and Neil Blog19 Sarah and Neil Blog20 Sarah and Neil Blog21 Sarah and Neil Blog22 Sarah and Neil Blog23

Its not all about being serious either 🙂

Sarah and Neil Blog24 Sarah and Neil Blog25 Sarah and Neil Blog26 Sarah and Neil Blog27

These are the bride’s best friends who want to do something silly to make their friend smile.

Sarah and Neil Blog28

The mini model shoot with their daughter as a little surprise!

Sarah and Neil Blog29

Sarah and Neil Blog30

I get to have fun with the kiddies – honestly there is nothing better than confetti!

Sarah and Neil Blog31

The moments they don’t spot me and my camera!

Sarah and Neil Blog32

And whilst not a video of the speeches,  I’m sure in several years with this image they will remember exactly what made them laugh so hard.

Sarah and Neil Blog33 Sarah and Neil Blog34 Sarah and Neil Blog35 Sarah and Neil Blog36

I see the rest of the world disappear during their first dance

Sarah and Neil Blog37

And I get to take the photo the Sarah has told me she has always wanted from her wedding

Sarah and Neil Blog38

Its safe to say – this sign is true!

Sarah and Neil Blog39

Baby’s first year photography

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I always feel a little sad at the end of the first year package as I really love watching little ones grow up.

Little Jasper was no exception, he was grinning from ear to ear in the studio and loved playing with all the toys. We even took a little trip down to the riverside to check out his new walking skills.

With his gorgeous curls and cheeky smile his final session was a big success.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the some of the images we took 🙂

a b c

The Perfect Wedding at Warbrook House

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I was incredibly happy that Karen and Gavin choose me to take the photos on their special day. We had perfect weather, the perfect venue, the perfect amount of silliness, the perfect amount to seriousness (so not much), the perfect amount for tears – all happy ones of course and most importantly the perfect couple. Here are a few of my favourite shots from their perfect day 🙂

IMG_0117 JP8A0289 JP8A0306 JP8A0319
JP8A0351JP8A0345a JP8A0372 JP8A0412 JP8A0439 JP8A0444 JP8A0452JP8A0437 JP8A0481 JP8A0495 JP8A0515 JP8A0552 JP8A0587 JP8A0589 JP8A0606a JP8A0616 JP8A0646 JP8A0648 JP8A0666 JP8A0680 JP8A0696 JP8A0702 JP8A0723a JP8A0749 JP8A0772JP8A0827 JP8A0794
JP8A0863 JP8A0878 JP8A0885 JP8A0891 JP8A0902a JP8A0931 JP8A0945 JP8A0959 JP8A1014 JP8A1046 JP8A1053 JP8A1101 JP8A1110a JP8A1155

A Perfect Wedding

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I was lucky enough to photograph Claire and Mark’s wonderfully happy wedding this weekend.

They had one unusual request for me – no posed shots!! Admittedly I did sneak in a couple, but we had the most amazing and fun day. A real celebration, so many smiling faces, it was everything a wedding should be.

Here are a few of my favourites 🙂





B04 B05  B06














B22    B23

B25  B24




B31 B30    B29

Newborn Baby Photography in Middlesex

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I must confess to being terrible at blogging regularly but here goes a little post about todays shoot.

This beautiful little lady is 22 days old today and was a total dream to work with. Lots of clients worry if their newborn shoot takes place once baby is over 14 days old, but all babies are so different, I have worked with lots of babies at 3+ weeks who, just like the gorgeous Mya, are just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better model and totally smitten parents to work with today.

Introducing Mya | Day 22


1 2 3 4


Beautiful Children’s Photography in Surrey

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One of my favourite parts of my jobs is seeing little ones grow –  Jasper was all smiles for his first ever photoshoot with me and his second photoshoot was no exception! Hopefully we can make it 3 in a row on his next shoot in a few months 🙂



a2 b c e